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Fanfic lists

Jul 10 ‘16 — For the past two months and a few weeks, I had given myself the challenge to read all fics on this list of Harry Potter fanfics, provided they met my criteria and…

LZ4 compression for ramdisk

Mar 15 ‘14 — A little while ago I saw that lz4 became a new optional dependency to mkinitcpio. Today I decided to see…

Adapting GNOME Classic

Mar 9 ‘14 — The Gnome Shell has a nice little extension called “Classic Mode”, available on Arch in the gnome-shell-extensions package in [extra]. It should be installed already. It’s easily accessible by changing the session in…

Github cleanup

Feb 19 ‘14 — Today I cleaned up my Github repositories. That means I looked through all the repos I own, updated some of them, and deleted a whole lot. Over forty in fact! Here’s a quick summary: Names: source

Starting on pippo

Dec 8 ‘13 — Today I’m starting on Pippo, a DBMS I’ve spent the past 18 months thinking about. It started as a experimental thought on a NoSQL document store based on git, and has evolved to be both complex and beautifully simple at the same…