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Extracting JS from HTML source

Posted on Sep 10 ‘18

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I decided last month I would make an effort to post more technical articles, single-thing blurbs to show neat things I’ve done, or just tiny scripts, workspace improvements, that kind of thing.

Today’s is a small ruby script I coded in a few minutes to extract all the JS from a source tree of mixed files (like a PHP codebase). It outputs into a folder; the idea is then to use ripgrep to look through it. In our case, we wanted to find some ES2017 features we shouldn’t have used (as they’re not supported in our browser range).

require ‘nokogiri’

ARGV.each do |file|
    puts “Processing #{file}…”

    if file =~ /\.js$/
      jspath = “alljs/#{file}”
      `mkdir -p #{jspath}; rmdir #{jspath}`
      File.write(jspath, File.read(file))

    index = 0
    doc = File.open(file) { |f| Nokogiri::HTML(f) }
    doc.css(‘script’).each do |scr|
      next unless !scr[‘type’] || scr[‘type’].empty? || scr[‘type’] =~ /javascript/
      jspath = “alljs/#{file}.#{index}.js”
      `mkdir -p #{jspath}; rmdir #{jspath}`
      File.write(jspath, scr.content)
      index += 1

Usage is like this:

tree -if application client | rg ‘.(tpl|html|php|js)$’ | xargs ruby extract-js.rb

Some details and notes:

  • tree -f prints the full relative path.
  • tree -i doesn’t print the ascii art tree.
  • Passing folders to tree only looks into those folders but bases the paths on the current dir.
  • mkdir -p #{path}; rmdir #{path} is an awful hack but it works! It builds the tree to that point minus the file you want to write. I couldn’t be bothered figuring out how to do path parsing and splitting correctly for such a quick script.
  • Several lines are just copied wholesale (for the JS/HTML switch): this is entirely fine. Sandi Metz has a cool phrase for it, but basically: don’t fear simply copying things around. DRY is for when you want to extract and abstract. It’s one of the last steps. And I add: sometimes it’s not necessary at all.