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Yearly summary

Posted on Dec 31 ‘18

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Last year, I gave myself three objectives:

  • Read 300 books. That didn’t pan out! I read maybe 10. But I also weaned myself off fanfiction, to the point where I read mostly updates now, and not very much new things. At the same time, listening and talking to friends, and just generally shopping around, I compiled a list of about a hundred books that I definitely want to try out.

    Also, at the start of the year, I tried to restart reading books, but I kinda threw out all the stuff I learned mass-reading fanfiction and tried to read things even if they were not clicking. That put me off! I won’t be doing that again. I’ll be more critical upfront and quicker to discard what doesn’t work.

    One thing that reading fanfiction has going for it is that I can track it so very easily. I just need to run the URL through a script and it takes care of it! I tried Goodreads a few times, but it was super slow and hindered my reading more than it organised it. I’ll have to find a better way.

  • Improve my health more. Mixed results. I lost some weight/shape, which has the dubious consequence of having to wear a belt all the time now. But I also picked up what looks like costochondritis. A visit to the doctor in spring gave me a course of meds, which helped for a few months, but it might have come back over Yule.

    While costo is apparently not very well understood, improving general health through exercise is generally associated with making it recede. So that will be a continuing focus.

  • Release a medium-sized project. Yeah. Didn’t really go well. I’ve worked on a ton of things, but most of them are unfinished. Still, I think I’ve got a crack at getting this going next year.

The coming years

Let’s see how that big list is doing:

  • Notify v5. Still working on it.
  • Game: Reap. Haven’t played.
  • Project: Irmo. Planned some more.
  • Game: AC Origins, and now AC Odyssey. Yep, that’s good.
  • Game: a recent pokemon. Don’t think I’ll be doing that actually.
  • Game: Eco. I like reading about it, but it’s not my kind of game.
  • Game: A contemporary FPS or two. Still not my cup of tea.
  • Game: various indies. I played Florence and Life Is Strange and If Not Us. They’re good. I’ll play more.
  • Casting keycaps: I did some casting prototyping, mostly in low-effort, low-cost DIY first-cast molds. It works pretty well, but I haven’t really done anything about keycaps. I’m kinda stuck on wanting to get some stems manufactured so I don’t have to sweat that part, but haven’t really had the time to look around for some place that could make those, as well as the material and all that jazz.
  • Making mead: I don’t really have much space to do this anymore, so that’s on indefinite hold.
  • Gamemaking: no progress of note.
  • Dawnverse: completely abandoned. I’ll probably recycle parts into more original fiction rather than fanfiction.
  • Non-star-wars fic: nothing yet.
  • Original fiction: nothing yet.
  • Instrumenting a hive: I’ve got various leads on the technology that would make this possible, but for now it’s super expensive and kinda still in R&D for the most part.
  • WorldCon 2019: I am not prepared. Gotta get my shit together for it. Also I’m getting worried about Brexit. I have to start making plans early in the year, but if Brexit happens in March and it fucks everything? Will be tough.
  • WorldCon 2020: I guess I’ll see how excited I am after the Irish one, but the Wellington one will be where all my local friends would likely be there, which would be super super cool.
  • NZGDC: Maybe 2020 instead.
  • Kiwiruby and another NZ.js. Well, NZ.js happening is still in the air, and I’m not sure I want to go to more cons just yet.
  • Small boat: on hold.
  • Electric car: done! I have had a Nissan Leaf first generation for the most part of the year, and it is very very cool. Not only that, but Uber electrified itself, and I keep seeing more and more electrics driving around. This thing is happening.
  • Europe 2019: on track so far.
  • South Island: tentatively got that planned for January or February.
  • Tropics: later.
  • This Uber job: going so well I’m planning to stay more than 2-3 years.
  • Starting my own business. Might have something. Gotta do a bunch of R&D, but it might become a thing. More of a side business to start with.
  • Nano with 50k. Hahahaha no.


Every year that I am able to, I try to give some portion of my salary away in donations to various organisations and charities I believe make the world a better place. This year I decided on a budget of $3000.

All amounts are in NZ dollars, even if the donation was in another currency.


As a special occasion, I donated $365 to the Internet Archive in the form of my remaining stash of bitcoin when I decided “that’s it, I’m out”.


$100 were given directly to individuals.


This year I decided on an increased focus on local and regional queer and indigenous organisations, or organisations with other focuses but led and involving queer and indigenous individuals. I also kept last year’s point on funding critical internet social infrastructure.

However, I specifically excluded organisations that spent most of the year sending me luscious printed advertising material, especially after requests to stop, and, in some cases, entrapping and misleading phone calls and phone harassment (repeatedly after being told to stop) to get me to donate more and/or more frequently. I do not and will not support this use of their resources.


As part of a focus to fund internet social infrastructure, I offered a $1200 ████████ to ███████████████ for the purposes of getting ███████████████████████ up and running.

(This is not yet announced, but is part of the budget. More news next year!)

Open source funding

$800 are allocated for “funding open source software I use.” Unfortunately, I haven’t yet done the final divvy up of that, but I’ll do that in the first week of the year, which is also my second week of leave.


Aside from my regular donations, I also gave $695 to various creators on Patreon.




Words of fanfic read per month, based on the monthly update posts. Thus the figure is low-balled as the posts don’t include fics I read but didn’t like, nor the updates for incomplete works I follow. And it of course doesn’t include all I read that wasn’t fanfic (yet, but I’m working on that for next year!).

After doing some sampling during the year, I have measured that I read about 120k words of fanfic updates per week.

  • December 2017 → January 2018: 2,204k
  • January → February: 2,090k
  • February → March: 62k
  • March → April: 779k
  • April → May: 1,099k
  • May → June: 2,400k
  • June → July: 3,486k
  • July → August: 232k
  • August → September: 1,546k
  • September → October: 1,146k
  • October → November: 677k
  • November → December: 112k
  • Updates (estimated): 6,240k

(Total: 22 million words, down from 32 last year.)

Open Source Projects

  • Notify, a file watcher library for Rust, version 5, in development without a release for yet another year…

  • Rogare, a Discord bot and novel / wordcount management tool (once only for NaNoWriMo, now expanded).

  • Omelette, a suite of tools for Twitter (and eventually other platforms) archival and history deletion.

  • Certainly, a tool to create self-signed and self-CA-signed multi-domain certificates.

Still private, to be released

  • 🔨 Fulliautomatisk, a tool for monitoring an Asterisk internal database.

  • 💦 Splash, a reimplementation and modernisation of a radio analysis tool.

  • 🌈 Armstrong, a framework and daemon that adds rich job control, composition, and monitoring on top of an ordinary queue.