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A Year of Doing More

Posted on Dec 31 ‘17

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This year

In the post that started this whole monthly blogging thing, I outlined three things I wanted to do this year:

  • Improve my accent.

    Hiring a speech therapist didn’t work out, because (predictably) it turns out that 1) there’s not many actually specialised in the particular narrow field of accent correction, 2) those that are are fully booked for the foreseeable future, and 3) none of them are near Whangarei anyway.

    But I’ve been speaking a lot more, to more people. I’m no extrovert, but I think I’ve been progressing nonetheless. I’ll continue working at it. At some point I’d like to do some meetup and then conference speaking, too.

  • Improve my health.

    I’ve lost about 5 kg since the beginning of the year. More than that, I’ve built up some muscle mass and established healthier habits. I’ve changed jobs, going from a highly stressful place where I burned out several times, to a more rewarding and more relaxing opportunity. I sleep better, in part because of more regular and longer cycles, and in part because I have improved my sleeping posture. There are other little things that add up. But it’s looking up!

  • Improve my writing.

    Well, I’ve definitely done well here. Just in this blog, I have written more this year than every single previous year, combined. I’ve authored several pieces of fanfiction, and published three. Most importantly, I’ve really enjoyed myself. I write better and faster now, even though I don’t think I’ll ever be someone who can bang out a novel in a few months.

Next year

I’m not sure I have big goals I want to achieve in 2018. But here goes:

  • I want to read 300 books.

    That’s hard-copy, deadtree books with words in them. They’ll all be library books unless I buy a few or get given some. Three hundred books is about six books a week, which sounds definitely doable, but we’ll see how I go.

  • I want to improve my health more.

    Mostly walking more, exercising more, getting less pear-shaped if I can help it. My diet is fine now. It’s just the exercising. No strong goals here, but I’d like to see fuzzily-defined improvement before the winter, at least.

  • I want to release a medium-sized creative project.

    It could be the Star Wars fanfic I’ve been working on, on and off, all year. It could be something else. I’ve got a few ideas for a game. Either way, I want to work at it and be in a position to release something during the year.

The coming years

I was asked that during nano because I semi-jokingly said my next availability to play the latest pokemons would be in mid-2019. So: my current “high-level todolist” for the next few years goes like this, in no particular order. There are priorities and schedules but they’re fuzzy / private.

  • The three things listed above for 2018.
  • Project: Notify v5. From that will follow Cargo Watch, I’m not counting it.
  • Gameplaying: Reap
  • Project: Irmo. Experiment: an associative knowledge store, machine learning?
  • Gameplaying: Assassins’ Creed Origins
  • Gameplaying: A recent Pokemon, perhaps
  • Gameplaying: Eco
  • Gameplaying: A contemporary FPS or two
  • Gameplaying: a bunch of other indie games
  • Project: casting my own keycaps
  • Project: make mead
  • Gamemaking: another game. I have ideas.
  • Writing: another fic in the dawnverse
  • Writing: a non-Star Wars fic. Again, I have ideas.
  • Writing: original fiction. I have various drafts.
  • Project: instrumenting a hive
  • Cons: WorldCon 2019 and 2020
  • Cons: NZGDC? Perhaps 2019 rather than 2018
  • Cons: Kiwiruby and another NZ.js, at least
  • Buying a small boat
  • Buying an electric car
  • Going to Europe (2019): Ireland, France, other countries
  • Visiting the South Island
  • Visiting the tropics again (I haven’t been in ages)
  • Another job after Uber (I plan staying there 2-3 years NO MORE)
  • If I can, a product/SaaS/something… being self-employed/entrepreneur
  • Finish next year’s nano with 50k words

and more.






Every year that I am able to, I try to give a sizeable portion of my salary away in donations to various organisations and charities I believe make the world a better place. This year, I chose to give 5% of my estimated income.

All amounts are in NZ dollars, even if the donation was in another currency.

  • ACLU: $70
  • AO3 / Organisation for Transformative Works: $37
  • Individuals: $195
  • The Star Wars Galaxy Map: $43
  • The Green Party: $150
  • Rainbow Youth: $200
  • Books for a classroom: $150
  • CanTeen: $150
  • GiveWell: $300
  • IHC: $125
  • People Against Prisons Aotearoa: $200
  • Camp Blaze: $40
  • Unicef: $300
  • NaNoWriMo: $60
  • Youthline: $80
  • Amnesty International (NZ branch): $100
  • Médecins Sans Frontières (NZ branch): $100
  • Reporteurs Sans Frontières: $100
  • Child Poverty Action Group: $80
  • Greenpeace: $70
  • Mozilla: $50
  • Wikipedia: $50
  • Creative Commons: $50

(Total: $2800)


Aside from my 5% donations, I also gave $960 to various creators on Patreon.




Words of fanfic read per month, based on the monthly update posts. Thus the figure is low-balled as the posts don’t include fics I read but didn’t like, nor the updates for incomplete works I follow. And it of course doesn’t include all I read that wasn’t fanfic.

  • December 2016 → January 2017: 5,399k
  • January → February: 6,416k
  • February → March: 2,964k
  • March → April: 2,199k
  • April → May: 3,325k
  • May → June: 2,567k
  • June → July: 1,969k
  • July → August: 992k
  • August → September: 1,727k
  • September → October: 1,868k
  • October → November: 876k
  • November → December: 1,382k

(Total: 31,684k)

Open Source Projects

Abandoned / Finished / Stalled

  • Blograph, the old version in Ruby.
  • twd, a Tweetdeck wrapper.

Maintained / Worked on

Created / Started

Contributed to