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Notes on chess

Posted on Jun 2 ‘14

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As I’m participating in two tournaments at this moment, I have various tidbits going through my head.

I have decided to play three different styles:

  • In Wallyjack’s games, I will play my usual style
  • In 27th games, playing as black, I will play fast
  • In 27th games, playing as white, I will play slow

There seems to be a tendency for players to attack the king’s weak side as an early game technique. It’s frustrating (as it’s painfully obvious), but it should be defended against nonetheless.

Ooo, this one’s a strange one: all our pawns intact, rooks and kings mirrored, and nothing else on the board. Play becomes tricky.

r3k1r1/1pp4p/p3p3/2PpP3/3p1PpP/P2P2P1/2P5/R3K1R1 b Qq - 1 15

Something quite annoying in tournaments is when players abandon all their games after having lost just one. It does give some easy victories, but it does so uniformly, which is quite frustrating because one wants the other players to be as swamped by the games as one is, and one hopes that some of these games might actually turn in the ‘losing’ player’s favour. Then the balance of points may tilt, which is always good.