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Kili pidof

Posted on Dec 8 ‘13

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It has two parents: Whitealdus, Maria bobi tabula

This character started only as “Professor Pidof”. pidof is a *nix utility I’ve never used, because pgrep does the work better. Nevertheless, I had started with “Pido”, then realised it might be taken as a reference or derivative of “Pedo” which wasn’t my intention (and if it ever is, I’ll be more subtle about it, that one’s not very clever). “Pidof” was a joke, initially, then I forgot it on my whiteboard and it stuck.

“Kili” came later, as a variation on “Kieru” (消), “Kira”, “Kill”, which is a much-used related utility. It helps that this is the name of a man who could kill -9 you and evade all the ALRMs, leaving nothing but his signature magic sigill.