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Maria bobi tabula

Posted on Dec 3 ‘13

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I decided on the name a long time before I had even started planning the story. At first it was just “Bobbie Tables”, but I decided that was too obvious a reference. Also, it was a bit too English-sounding for fantasy, so I transformed it into “Bobi Tabula”. Ah, but now that could be masculine, and anyway I don’t really like “Bobi” as a first name. “Bobbie” is fine, “Bob” is way generic, “Bobi” is… a bit weird.

So I picked another name, which is still in keeping with the reference: “Maria”, for MariaDB, the MySQL successor. And there we have it: “Maria Bobi Tabula”, who doesn’t mind her middle name and even uses it sometimes because my own dislike shouldn’t affect the character too much.